A Culture of Curiosity, Courage, and Color: Covestro India’s Success Story

"Covestro India: Pioneering Innovation and Employee Engagement"

Covestro India’s story is one of courage, curiosity, and color, the three core values that underpin this global supplier of high-tech polymer materials. This vibrant corporate culture, coupled with innovative HR practices, recently culminated in the company’s recognition as the ‘Best Employer of Maharashtra’.

But the success of Covestro India doesn’t just lie in winning an award; it lies in the lives of its employees, each of whom is empowered to innovate and collaborate freely. Kartik Iyer, Covestro’s Head of Human Resources, said, “At Covestro, we prioritize the growth, development, and work-life balance of our people.”

The results are clear: not only has Covestro India achieved remarkable standing among 50 top companies in Maharashtra, but its practices are also shaping the future of HR management. Progressive benefits, comprehensive health management, and an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie have defined Covestro as a trailblazer in the field.


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