Apollo Spectra Hospital Delhi Conducted “PERCON 2022” a 9th International Live Operative Workshop Basic and Advanced Techniques of PCNL

With the focus on improving health-care delivery and patient outcomes Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director Apollo Hospitals group, Dr Chanchal Pal- Organising chairperson and Dr SK Pal-Urologist at Apollo Spectra Hospital Inaugurated “PERCON 2022” a 9th International operative workshop on PCNL, Conducted on 1 and 2 October 2022 at Suryaa Hotel, New Friends Colony, New Delhi.

Food habits have been proposed as one of the major risk factors in renal stone formation that is rapidly surging not only in India but all over the world. Kidney stones are seen in the urinary tract due to the crystallisation of chemical compounds in the urine. PCNL Technique has emerged as most efficient procedure among these approaches to stone removal. This procedure is carried out on patients having kidney stones that are large, very firm, or resistant to other forms of stone treatment. This workshop aimed to create awareness and highlight the advantages of this technique.

Dr SK Pal, Urologist at Apollo Spectra Hospital and Organisation secretary- PERCON 2022 said, ” PCNL is a Minimally Invasive technique used for kidney stone removal. Around 600 delegates from 8 countries were attended the 2 days’ live workshop.  PCNL is an almost 40 years old technique and has stood the test of time, as the most efficient and versatile technique for the management of all types of stones in the kidneys and upper ureter. Advancements, research, and refinement in armamentarium for PCNL is taking place at a great pace. There is probably no other technique in endourology, which has generated so much interest and enthusiasm amongst youngsters to learn and master it. In spite of its resounding success and so much enthusiasm worldwide, several urosurgeons are still shying away from adopting this technique on regular basis because of its proclaimed morbidity, and PCNL is not being utilized to its full potential.”

Dr Sangita Reddy, Joint Managing Director Apollo Hospitals group and Chief Guest at the event says ” The PERCON22 live workshop was very insightful. More such workshops to be organized every year and to be telecasted all over the world. Healthcare organizations must continue to invest in digital technology in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of patients. By doing so, they will be able to provide the best possible care to the patients and reach out to the maximum number of people in a more efficient and effective manner.”

Dr Chanchal Pal, Organising Chairperson, PERCON 2022 said “Hands-on training was organised to teach initial puncture on various models, under the supervision and guidance of well-known experts in this field at the venue of the conference and exhibition by industry dealing with armamentarium for PCNL was also organised. Meticulous planning and appropriate initial puncture is the soul of success for any form of PCNL and special attention has always been given to this basic aspect in all practical live demonstrations and theoretical discussions during the conduct of PERCON, so that attendees develop clear concepts and gain enough confidence to start PCNL on their own in their routine practice. In fact, several young urosurgeons have learned PCNL in PERCONs only and are now practicing it to its perfection and serving society at large, by making this amazing technology available, too far and wide.”

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