Diagnostic Giant City X-Ray & Scan Clinic Mobilizes Community for Blood Donation Drive

Volunteers donating blood at City X-Ray & Scan Clinic's blood donation camp.

Marking World Blood Donor Day, City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, a leader in diagnostic services in Delhi, hosted a blood donation camp. Collaborating with Guru Nanak Dev Charitable Blood Centre, the clinic gathered 23 people who donated blood to mitigate the ongoing blood shortage crisis in India.

Dr. Aakaar Kapoor, CEO and Lead Medical Advisor at City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, expressed his gratitude to the donors. He shed light on the critical blood shortage in the country and the importance of safe blood transfusion practices.

City X-Ray & Scan Clinic, established in 1993, has been a trailblazer in the diagnostic domain, offering state-of-the-art Radiology and Pathology services. As an NABL and NABH-certified clinic, it is known for its high precision in medical tests.

The blood donation drive is a testament to City X-Ray & Scan Clinic’s relentless pursuit of community welfare and healthcare advancement. Through this initiative, the clinic underscores the life-saving potential of blood donations and the importance of continued community involvement.


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