Hataali 2.0 creates a single interoperable platform for the entire advanced therapy ecosystem

Hataali – the advanced therapy ecosystem platform – has announced the launch of Hataali 2.0. This second-generation platform will unlock the potential in the advanced therapies ecosystem by providing a plug and play approach for any stakeholder and almost any type of data.

Hataali, which was originally developed as a blockchain-based system to track advanced therapies from vein to vein, now offers a single holistic platform for all parts of the advanced therapy ecosystem. The new platform has been designed with full modularisation, meaning companies can start with even just a basic service and add additional modules as they grow.

Hataali 2.0 went live earlier this month with 5 initial modules – for Ordering & Scheduling, Live Communications, Digital Labelling, Smart Labs and Trace & Trace – with new modules planned to come to online in the near future. For example, the company will add a new Batch Records Module using its patented blockchain technology, which will significantly increase functionality to meet the needs of the advanced therapies.

In a further significant change for the tracking of cell and gene therapies, Hataali 2.0 enables the use of multiple Chain of Identify (COI) identifiers for the first time. This addresses one of the biggest current challenges in the advanced therapy  sector  – where health service providers, contract manufacturers and pharma companies are operating disparate systems with little interoperability and insisting on their own specific identifiers. This means that Hataali 2.0 can transform even the most complex supply chains with many stakeholders and messy data into integrated tracking solutions able to monitor in real-time the location and conditions of any individual therapy. Crucially, this can be adopted by any stakeholder without changing existing approaches.

The platform’s modularization opens-up many new areas and solutions with a Smart Lab Module offering real-time lab stock and inventory management as well as well automating the procurement process and integration with ERP systems.

This latest development follows the awarding of a US patent for the exclusive use of blockchain based personalised medicine platforms early last year.

Raja Sharif, CEO at Hataali, added: “It’s a really big moment not just for Hataali, but for the wider advanced therapy industry, and our new goal is to build the enabling platform around which the advanced therapies supply chain and community can grow. To take just an example of why this is so important, it simultaneously removes the huge challenge multiple COIs present while enabling true personalisation of systems for each client. Therefore, in what might be challenging year ahead for some cash strapped biotechs, they only need to pay for the applications they need, greatly reducing costs. But more significantly modulization also opens-up many new adjacent applications, including in cutting-edge fields like smart labs. Over the next few months, you will see us add an increasing number of modules and new clients can be up and running with Hataali in just 4 months ”.

The company’s technology also received two digital technology awards at the end of 2022. The first at the annual CPHI Pharma Awards and the second through Thomson Reuters – in the latter, Hataali was identified as the ‘most Valuable Data and Insights’ platform ahead of inhouse solutions from both big pharma giants Astra Zeneca and Novartis. Hataali, becomes the first ATMP technology solutions company to win all such awards in the same year.

For more information, visit: https://www.atmps.net/


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