Is the Healthcare industry equipped with & ready to adapt to the technology?

Cloudphysician a new age technology company focused on healthcare delivery has been working with intensivists across the country to promote the use of technology to enhance affordable healthcare for all. Towards this end Cloudphysician conducted a  second issue of its ‘Futures Program’ in the third week of October 2022 in Bengaluru, where select intensivists dived into a 90-minute interactive session on ‘How to time travel (into the future) – the need to scale up and give quality care through technology, and why intensivists need to be at the core of this evolution in critical care.’ Speakers from across the clinical technology industry and product leaders building state-of-the-art products to help clinicians with operational efficiency and improved quality headed the session. 

The session not only raised questions about technology in the future of Healthcare but also traversed the solutions gracefully. The attending intensivists got an opportunity to glance through what the ICUs in India will look like in 2030. The conversation about ‘how clinicians need to go beyond the horizons of clinical medicine to adopt technology and enhance the quality of critical care delivery’ stayed at the center of discussion. Key points discussed during the session are listed below:

The balance between Cost, Quality, and Accessibility holds the key to future of the Healthcare.

There is a trade-off between quality, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness in the current healthcare scenario. The balance between these highly impacts societal factors like Health, Value & Equity. The introduction & utilization of medical technology, leading the innovation towards Healthcare, can become the beacon of hope in bringing this balance. Cloudphysician’s solutions have disrupted the high-acuity critical care space by making the highest-quality care accessible to patients cost-effectively. Such disruptive innovations are strengthening the core of Healthcare systems.

The concern of lagging technological advancement in the Healthcare Industry

Technology is an enabler that amplifies disruptive innovations. Most industries globally are experiencing rapid technological advancement, while the Healthcare industry is struggling to provide even the essential equipment in underdeveloped and developing nations. 

Lack of data in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers are grappling with issues like clunky data, medical errors due to insufficient data, lack of collaboration, and lack of standardized clinical workflows. Availability of data can effectively upgrade the existing system by making workflow plain sailing. Missing information from medical encounters is a usual practice due to the unavailability of resources. 

Technology Augmenting medical experts 

Apart from fixing these fundamental problems, healthcare providers must be innovative in leveraging technologies that can significantly improve patient outcomes. Automated video monitoring, early detection of seizures or respiratory distresses, and anomalies in heart rates or urine output, are some of the many required technologies that need to be instilled into daily practice. Smart accessories which can monitor patient health all time and send reports to their clinics are easily achievable in today’s time. 

Empowered care for Empowered patients

Patients are becoming more empowered with the democratization of information and ease of real-time communication across geographies. Healthcare providers should seek to align with the increasing empowerment of patients, the high quality and service expectations, and adopt technology quickly so they will be ready for the ICU of 2030. 

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