MediBuddy Champions Digital Revolution in Healthcare with #HealthForAll Initiative

In a world where quality healthcare remains a luxury for many, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, MediBuddy, is striving to bridge the gap with its newly launched #HealthForAll campaign. Coinciding with the 75th World Health Day, the campaign sheds light on the importance of prioritizing personal health and embracing the digital shift in healthcare services.

The #HealthForAll campaign is built on the foundation of ensuring universal access to quality healthcare services in India. By juxtaposing the tedious process of securing doctor appointments and accessing diagnostic services in the past with the convenience of modern digital platforms, MediBuddy effectively demonstrates the transformative power of technology in healthcare. The campaign encourages patients to take advantage of digital healthcare platforms, making medical consultations a seamless experience at home.

Mr. Saibal Biswas, Head of Marketing, Partnerships, and PR at MediBuddy, emphasized that access to quality healthcare is not a privilege, but a fundamental human right. With the #HealthForAll campaign, MediBuddy aims to draw attention to the critical need for accessible healthcare solutions for everyone, in line with the World Health Organization’s theme. This initiative signifies MediBuddy’s commitment to harnessing technology to deliver quality healthcare to a billion Indians.

To foster a culture of health-consciousness, MediBuddy is offering exclusive discounts on doctor consultations and health check-ups throughout April. This empowers individuals and families to proactively monitor their health and effectively manage their well-being. MediBuddy’s in-house creative team has crafted a captivating video for the campaign, which is being promoted across social media platforms from April 5, 2023. To learn more about the campaign and its offerings, visit:


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