PharmaSynth Marks 40th Foundation Day: A Legacy of High-Quality Medicines and Community Engagement

PharmaSynth employees celebrating 40th Foundation Day

PharmaSynth Formulations Limited, a vanguard in the pharmaceutical industry, celebrated its 40th Foundation Day, reaffirming its mission to provide high-quality medicines at affordable prices. The award-winning company not only excels in pharmaceutical production but is also invested in social initiatives, highlighted by the distribution of over 3 lakh Vitamin-D tablets to the economically disadvantaged last year.

Managing Director, Dr. Arvind Kumar Gupta, asserted, “At PharmaSynth, we are committed to abiding by all regulations in our quest for manufacturing more effective medicines. Quality, for us, spans beyond our products and encapsulates our corporate reputation and social contributions.”

In a joyous announcement, Mr. Ramesh Chand Jain, a representative of the company, declared salary increments for all employees, further illustrating PharmaSynth’s commitment to its workforce.


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