Ramkrishna Care Hospital Performs Groundbreaking Surgery with Da Vinci Robot

In a remarkable medical advancement, Ramkrishna Care Hospital has used the da Vinci surgical robot to successfully treat a 65-year-old woman from Bilaspur suffering from the rare autoimmune disease, Ocular Myasthenia Gravis. The woman arrived at the hospital with complaints of weakness and drooping eyelids, and after a thorough evaluation and scan, a tumor was discovered causing the disease.

Dr. Sandeep Dave, a veteran general surgeon at Ramkrishna Care Hospital, recommended a robotic thymectomy to remove the tumor, citing the numerous benefits of the procedure over traditional open surgery. The patient underwent the surgery with the help of the da Vinci robot, which offers precise, minimally invasive treatment options.

The patient recovered quickly from the surgery with minimal pain and scarring, and is now undergoing periodic follow-ups and is doing well. Ramkrishna Care Hospital is the first hospital in the state of Chhattisgarh to introduce robotic-assisted surgery, and with the advanced da Vinci system, they are now able to perform various procedures with a minimally invasive approach.

The use of the da Vinci surgical robot marks a major step forward in medical technology, offering patients a safer, more effective, and less painful alternative to traditional surgery. The robot’s precise and minimally invasive approach results in faster recovery times, lower risk of complications, and improved clinical outcomes.

Ramkrishna Care Hospital is dedicated to providing the best possible care to its patients, and the introduction of the da Vinci surgical robot is just one example of the innovative treatments and technology available at the hospital. With a team of experienced and dedicated doctors and staff, Ramkrishna Care Hospital is leading the way in providing top-quality medical care in Chhattisgarh.


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