Serving with a Purpose: SVB India Donates Ambulance for People in Need

SVB India, the global delivery center of SVB, financial partner of the innovation economy, and parent of Silicon Valley Bank, has partnered with The Association of People with Disability (APD) to help improve timely access to medical care for people with disabilities during emergencies. SVB India’s support includes the donation of an ambulance to APD. The announcement was made today at APD’s Jeevan Bhima Nagar Community Center.
Continuing SVB’s social impact initiatives, Premil Dennison, Managing Director & Country Head, SVB India visited the community center to meet with the beneficiaries and inaugurate the operation of the ambulance. The ambulance is equipped with air conditioning, a basic life support system, an oxygen delivery system, an autoloader stretcher trolley, and a doctor’s seat. During the visit, he emphasized the importance of contributing to the community to help make the lives of marginalized populations a little less difficult. He said, “Our small efforts can make a huge difference in the lives of people in need. Medical emergency is one of the areas where in time doctor’s intervention can save someone’s life. With the donation of an ambulance to APD, we intend to help the community we live in.”

Previously, as a part of SVB’s COVID-19 relief efforts in India, the global delivery center donated 4000 endurance kits to the Bengaluru Traffic Police Department, and PPE kits with nutrition bars to KSRTC hospital worth INR 28 lakhs.

APD is a non-profit organization based out of Bengaluru which works extensively to reach and rehabilitate People with Disability (PwD) from economically marginalised and deprived communities. Speaking on the initiative, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Chief Executive Officer of APD, said, “We want to expand our resources to be able to help people with disabilities. The ambulance will ensure immediate initial monitoring and treatment of the patient at our centers. Spinal Cord Injury patients are prone to having secondary issues and, in this situation, getting them to the nearest medical facility is usually very imperative and should be immediate. With the help of this ambulance these patients will be able to get medical attention in a short span of time. We sincerely thank SVB for extending this much-needed support.”

This being a collective effort of SVB, Jayashree Naik, Head of India Security Office and a member of SVB India’s leadership team also marked her presence at the center.


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