Sleep Cool and Comfortable: Magniflex India Unveils Magnicool Mattress

Magnicool mattress with cooling technology

Magniflex India, a brand synonymous with innovation in sleep solutions, has announced the launch of its new product – the Magnicool mattress. Designed with the scorching summers in mind, this mattress promises a refreshing and comfortable sleeping experience.

Magnicool is certified by OEKO-TEX® and ACA and has passed the Q-Max test, which measures the cooling sensation provided by fabrics. This mattress stands apart due to its Japanese fabric technology, which promotes ideal air circulation, ensuring a stable microclimate between the sleeper and the mattress.

Dr. Shankar S. Biradar from Trust-in Hospital, Bangalore, emphasizes the role of maintaining body temperature for sound sleep. He appreciates Magnicool’s fabric for acting as a thermostat, thereby regulating body temperature and inducing a feeling of instant coolness.

Aside from its cooling technology, Magnicool is constructed with quilted memoform material and includes a massage system. The hypoallergenic fiber padding offers additional comfort and adapts to the body’s contours.

Magniflex India wants to make this product accessible to all. Through its Magniflex Investment Plan (MIP), customers can purchase this mattress via convenient EMI options.

One satisfied customer, Franklin C, has expressed how Magnicool has significantly improved his sleep by regulating body temperature and preventing excessive sweating.

With Magnicool, say goodbye to sleepless nights and embrace restful sleep even in soaring temperatures.


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