SOUTH MUMBAI BASED 60+ YEAR OLD CMJ JAIN Hospital introduces IN A FIRST AS A CHARITABLE HOSPITAL, robotic surgery on SSI Mantra platform

Robotic Surgery at CMJ Hospital

CMJ Hospital, a beacon of healthcare for the poor & needy in Girgaon, Mumbai, with a legacy spanning 60+ years, has announced a groundbreaking advancement in surgical care with the introduction of robotic surgery on the SSI Mantra platform. This initiative is aligned with CMJ Hospital’s commitment to providing world-class treatment to the community, particularly the middle and lower-middle-class population, at subsidized rates.

Under the philanthropic endeavours of its trustees, CMJ Hospital has RENOVATED ALL ITS OPERATION THEATRES & has acquired the state-of-the-art SSI Mantra robotic surgery platform, bridging the gap between government-funded and private healthcare by offering advanced surgical techniques at an affordable cost.
Pioneering this endeavor are:
Dr. Jageshwar Pandey (MBBS, MS- General Surgery, DHA, MBA- Healthcare) -Medical Director at CMJ and
Dr. Harsh Sheth (MBBS, MS-General Surgery, FMAS), amongst other surgeons leading a team dedicated to delivering precision care to patients.

Since its installation, CMJ Hospital has successfully performed ten robotic surgeries, comprising nine gastrointestinal surgeries and one urological procedure, within a month. With ongoing training for all surgeons, the hospital anticipates a significant increase in robotic surgeries in the near future.

The SSI Mantra platform boasts several salient features, including unparalleled precision and dexterity, advanced 3D visualization technology, intuitive controls, and the ability to conduct minimally invasive procedures. These attributes empower surgeons with enhanced capabilities while ensuring faster recovery times and improved outcomes for patients.

For surgeons, the SSI Mantra platform offers enhanced surgical capabilities, reduced fatigue, and a faster learning curve. Patients benefit from quicker recovery times, reduced pain and discomfort, and improved surgical outcomes, all at an affordable cost.

“The introduction of robotic surgery on the SSI Mantra platform marks a significant milestone in our mission to provide accessible, high-quality healthcare to all. This innovative technology empowers our surgeons to deliver precision care, ensuring better outcomes for our patients,” said Hospital Trustee

“With the SSI Mantra platform, we are revolutionizing the way surgeries are performed, offering patients the benefits of advanced technology at an affordable cost. Our focus remains on delivering compassionate care while embracing cutting-edge innovation,” said Dr Jageshwar Pandey, Medical Director and Lead Surgeon.
In conclusion, CMJ Hospital’s adoption of the SSI Mantra platform heralds a new era of surgical excellence, epitomizing the institution’s commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and quality. The hospital invites the community to witness the transformative impact of robotic surgery on patient care, reaffirming its status as a trailblazer in medical innovation.


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