Surgeons at Kamineni Hospitals successfully perform complex awake Craniotomy surgery.

Surgeons at Kamineni Hospitals, Hyderabad, successfully performed an Awake brain surgery on Venkanna, a 59-year-old farmer, hailing from Mansurabad, Telangana district. He has come to the hospital with a complaint of left upper limb weakness since 3 months. After clinical investigations surgeons found motor area lesion and after performing an MRI they came to the conclusion that the patient requires high end and complex awake craniotomy procedure for complete excision of lesion.
A sort of procedure on the brain that is carried out while you are awake and conscious is referred to as awake brain surgery or awake craniotomy. Some brain (neurological) diseases, such as some brain tumours or epileptic seizures, are treated via awake brain surgery.
“Awake craniotomy is a type of craniotomy that allows neurosurgeons to remove tumours in important I.e, eloquent areas of the brain. In eloquent areas, any small damage to brain parenchyma will lead to devastating consequences like loss of motor function or speech function according to areas involved motor or speech area respectively,” said Dr.Ramesh, Senior Neuro Surgeon , Kamineni Hospitals – LB Nagar, Hyderabad.


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