Vegas Mall Organises Blood Donation Drive: Be a Hero, Donate Blood

People participating in the Blood Donation Drive at Vegas Mall

An emblematic Blood Donation Drive recently took place at the Vegas Mall in Delhi, underscoring the strength and spirit of the community. The event, organized in collaboration with the Rotary Blood Bank, aimed to emphasize the indispensable role of blood donation in healthcare.

Vegas Mall, renowned for its extensive range of shops and entertainment, was teeming with community members eager to donate blood. With its location in Sector-14, Dwarka, the mall was accessible to a diverse group of participants.

The Rotary Blood Bank played an essential role by deploying a blood donation bus and a highly proficient team that ensured a safe and systematic donation process.

Expressing his thoughts, Mr. Ravindar Choudhary, VP of Vegas Mall, said that the event is a testament to how collective efforts can lead to significant changes. He affirmed the commitment to foster such community engagement in the future.

The event’s motto, “Be a Hero, Donate Blood”, served as a reminder of the noble nature of the act of donating blood and its potential in saving lives.


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