WELL Health Announces Launch of WELL AI Inbox Admin: A Revolutionary AI-Powered Solution for Clinic Inbox Management

WELL Health Technologies Corp. (TSX: WELL) (OTCQX: WHTCF) (“WELL” or the “Company”), a digital health company focused on positively impacting health outcomes by leveraging technology to empower healthcare providers and their patients globally, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest AI powered product, WELL AI Inbox Admin.

Dr. Michael Frankel, Chief Medical Officer for WELL commented, “The launch of WELL AI Inbox Admin marks a significant milestone as the third AI-driven product in our suite, firmly aligning with WELL’s mission to empower healthcare practitioners through technology. The healthcare industry still loves to fax at scale and while WELL creates the technologies that replace fax, we are still years away from fully moving on from faxes as a country. The vast majority of medical clinicals and hospitals in Canada have the challenge and related pain of fax related document retrieval and management. WELL AI Inbox Admin has been shown to reduce time associated with fax management by more than 60% by seamlessly integrating AI into clinic workflows and digitizing these documents and allowing them to be smartly categorized and triaged.”

Jeremy Mickolwin, VP of Clinical Operations for WELL commented: “I have personally seen our clinical team significantly freed up from document management using this technology and know that it will benefit all our providers across our clinical network. WELL is excited to continue its developments in AI, and we plan on releasing more AI-driven products designed to further improve clinic efficiency and patient outcomes in the future.”

WELL AI Inbox Admin enhances document handling with its smart tagging technology that accurately reads and organizes incoming content, such as faxes, ensuring documents are sorted and categorized accurately. This not only minimizes common errors like overlooked or misfiled documents but also significantly streamlines the administrative workflow.

The system’s seamless integration with EMRs, such as WELL’s OSCARPro system, creates a unified document management system, enabling quick retrieval of patient information and smoothing of various clinic processes. Its advanced triage capabilities are especially beneficial, as WELL AI Inbox Admin accurately flags urgent matters, ensuring that critical communications are promptly addressed, and important patient information is readily accessible when needed.

Referral management is also enhanced by WELL AI Inbox Admin, as it automatically extracts the relevant patient information and efficiently guides referrals to the correct providers. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that patient care pathways are optimized and human errors in transcription are minimized or altogether eliminated.

According to the Ministry of Health in Ontario, Ontario healthcare providers still send an estimated 152 million faxes each year and according to the Ontario Medical Association, over 90% of doctors still use fax machines to send documents such as prescriptions, test requisitions and specialist referrals. While WELL Health’s practitioner enablement platform includes digital solutions, such as OceanMD’s award winning eReferral, eConsult and eOrder technologies that replace faxes with more intelligent software, it will be years before faxes are eliminated from the Canadian healthcare ecosystem. With WELL AI Inbox Admin, clinicians can now use AI-powered technology to simplify and organize this document management challenge, thereby returning time and value to our healthcare ecosystem.

The initial deployment of WELL AI Inbox Admin in a pilot involving six clinics yielded promising results: over 16,000 faxes have been effectively managed, leading to a timesaving of over 60% on managing fax communications. This translates into an average savings of 18 hours per week for each clinic, showcasing the system’s remarkable impact on operational efficiency. Encouraged by the success of the pilot, WELL is poised to expand the reach of WELL AI Inbox Admin across its entire clinic network.

To learn more about the impact WELL AI Inbox Admin can have on healthcare professionals, their practice’s efficiency and patient care, please visit inboxadmin.wellhealth.ai.


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