Esteemed Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mariotti and Cosmetic Physician Partners (CPP) Unite to Shape the Future of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Eric Mariotti and Cosmetic Physician Partners Collaboration

Prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Eric Mariotti is excited to announce a transformative partnership with Cosmetic Physician Partners (CPP). This collaboration reflects Dr. Mariotti’s commitment to patient well-being, innovative practices, and the long-term growth of his practice.

The decision to join forces with CPP was influenced by the trusted recommendation from a colleague who had previously aligned with CPP. Upon meeting the CPP team in person, Dr. Mariotti was impressed by its genuine interest in supporting practice growth rather than merely acquisition. Research and conversations with other CPP-affiliated doctors and managers further solidified the decision.

In this partnership, Dr. Mariotti is poised to strengthen revenue and expand the range of medical spa services offered to patients. Immediate priorities include the cultivation of a dynamic team culture, empowering staff to enhance the patient experience significantly.

Looking ahead, Dr. Mariotti’s practice envisions the introduction of cutting-edge services such as Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and comprehensive wellness programs. Further, a strategic plan for the recruitment of an additional plastic surgeon within the next 3-5 years reflects its commitment to long-term growth and innovation.

“I’m thrilled about this partnership as it will allow me to focus on patient care and strategically expanding services while easing some of the administrative and operational work that comes along with a very busy practice,” says Dr. Mariotti.

As Dr. Mariotti and Cosmetic Physician Partners join hands, they usher in a new era of excellence and innovation in the medical aesthetics field, emphasizing patient care and long-term practice growth.

“I have known Dr. Mariotti for years, both personally and professionally. He is someone that will bring value to CPP as we collaborate with a distinguished practitioner who prioritizes patient care and values service and relationships,” said Dr. Jay Burns, Partner, Cosmetic Physician Partners. “We  are looking forward to a journey of innovation, growth, and exceptional patient experiences.”

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