Fastest Ever Flow Diverter Stent Deployment: A Feat by Narayana Health

Representational image of the pioneering medical team at Narayana Health.

The world of medical science was stunned as Narayana Health, a leading healthcare provider in India, performed the fastest-ever deployment of a specific flow diverter stent. This exceptional medical marvel took place during an intervention to treat a patient with a ruptured brain aneurysm, and the entire procedure was completed in a record-breaking two and a half minutes.

Led by Dr. Vikram Huded, a Senior Neuro-interventionist at NH Institute of Neuroscience, the team accomplished this task with expertise and precision. The patient had multiple intracranial aneurysms, and one had burst, leading to severe internal bleeding in the brain. In a situation where every second counted, the Narayana Health team rose to the challenge and completed the typically hour-long operation in mere minutes.

The procedure involved the deployment of a relatively advanced type of flow diverter stent, a device that was being used for the first time in India. This flow diverter stent obstructs blood flow into the aneurysm while maintaining flow through the artery, thereby causing the aneurysm to shrink gradually.

The life-saving intervention was recognized as the fastest deployment of this particular device worldwide by the manufacturer and was presented during NICE, an international conference where 35 medical centers worldwide were presenting their cases. This achievement highlights Narayana Health’s dedication to pushing the boundaries in the medical field, offering renewed hope to patients battling conditions such as brain aneurysms.


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