Heading Health Joins Sendero Network Improving Access to Interventional Psychiatry Services for HAAM Members

Insurance-based mental healthcare provider Heading, specializing in treating patients with chronic depression and trauma through Ketamine and Spravato® will begin accepting Sendero plans at their Austin and Dallas mental health centers and for virtual services.

“We love the work HAAM does for our Austin community, and they let us know that true, improved access for their members meant we needed to pursue going in-network with Sendero. We also learned from HAAM that many Austin area musicians often lack access to in-network mental health services like therapy and psychiatry, despite a large need,” shared Heading CEO & Founder, Simon Tankel. “Building relationships with insurance plans can be a lengthy process, but we are committed to in-network care because coverage unlocks a patient’s ability to stay consistent with appointments and get better faster.  Improving access for HAAM members aligns with our mission at Heading, and it feels great.”

Heading is a hybrid mental health care provider that urgently drives towards optimal outcomes for patients experiencing severe depression and trauma, particularly those that have been failed by past encounters within the medical system.  Heading patients come in-center for interventional treatments such as Spravato®, Ketamine, and TMS, and then receive follow up care virtually with their psychiatrist and care team. Prioritizing interventions with the highest probability of clinical outcomes for those struggling with long-standing mood and stress disorders, Heading clinicians develop personalized care plans that address treatment options and combinations for patients when other approaches have failed.

Founded in Austin in 2020, Heading has locations in Austin and the Dallas-Fort Worth metros, with plans to expand further in 2023 in Dallas and Houston.  Heading is an in-network provider with nearly every commercial payer in the state of Texas including BCBS of Texas, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Tricare, and additional plans including Sendero.


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