Healthcare Leaders Unite for Revolutionary Changes in Upcoming 2024 Budget

Healthcare Leaders Discussing Budget 2024

As the nation stands on the cusp of the Budget 2024 announcement, leading voices from the healthcare sector have shared their anticipations and aspirations. The sector, which has been at the forefront in the battle against recent health challenges, looks forward to a budget that could potentially reshape the landscape of healthcare in India.

Raghab Prasad Panda, CEO and Co-Founder of Santaan, emphasized the integration of IVF treatments under the Ayushman Bharat program, advocating for the dream of parenthood to be within the reach of more families. The need for advanced reproductive technologies and support for startups in this domain underscores India’s commitment to healthcare innovation.

Veeky Ganguly, CEO of VarcoLeg Care, hopes for a budget that nurtures innovation and makes healthcare more accessible. With a focus on digital health initiatives, the upcoming budget is expected to streamline regulatory processes and offer incentives for healthcare providers to adopt digital solutions.

Dr. Krishna Veer Singh, Co-Founder of Lissun, highlighted the need for more qualified mental health professionals and the inclusion of psychotherapy in OPD coverage. As mental health becomes a focal point post-pandemic, the budget is seen as a crucial step in addressing this burgeoning issue.

Mr. Rajat Goel, Co-Founder of Eye Q Super Speciality Hospital, pointed out the necessity for large-scale eye screening and awareness programs. With a significant portion of the population affected by vision impairment, an emphasis on eye care in the budget could mark a transformative change in public health.

Dr. Gorav Gupta, Psychiatrist and Co-Founder of Emoneeds, underscored the urgency for increased mental health services accessibility. The budget is expected to pave the way for emotional wellness programs in educational and corporate settings, integrating mental health care into the broader healthcare framework.

Mr. Lovekesh Phasu, Group COO of Sakra World Hospital, Bengaluru, emphasizes the need for enhanced R&D in healthcare and improved infrastructure. He advocates for collaborative opportunities between private and public healthcare, aiming to create a more efficient healthcare system accessible to all income groups.

As the healthcare sector eagerly awaits the Union Budget, there is a collective hope for policies that will strengthen and modernize healthcare in India, emphasizing technology, innovation, and accessibility.


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