Innovating for a Sustainable Tomorrow: Apollo Hospitals Adopts Smart Joules’ Energy-Efficiency Solution

A conceptual image of a green earth with the healthcare symbol signifying Apollo Hospitals’ sustainability efforts.

India’s healthcare titan, Apollo Hospitals, has taken a decisive step towards a sustainable future through a groundbreaking collaboration with Smart Joules. This partnership aims to slash carbon emissions by 2,90,000 tons over a ten-year period by integrating Smart Joules’ JoulePAYS solution across 18 hospitals.

India’s commitment to attaining net-zero emissions by 2070 has ushered in a wave of innovation in energy efficiency. Cooling energy demand, in particular, is expected to double by 2027, and strategies like JoulePAYS could help reduce this demand by 17% over the next decade.

Smart Joules’ JoulePAYS, a pay-as-you-save solution, is tailored for retrofitting existing buildings to achieve energy efficiency. It requires no upfront investment, and part of the energy savings is shared with Smart Joules, making it an attractive proposition for businesses.

In just four months of implementing JoulePAYS, Apollo Hospitals has initiated 235 energy conservation measures, predicted to result in a staggering saving of 235 million kWh and INR 2 billion by 2030.

Apollo Hospitals’ President, Dr. K Hariprasad, lauded the initiative for enabling the hospital to maintain its stellar healthcare services while significantly reducing its environmental footprint.

The healthcare sector is crucial in the drive for sustainability. With its substantial energy consumption, especially in heating, cooling, and ventilation, adopting energy-efficient solutions can have a significant impact on the environment.

This partnership between Apollo Hospitals and Smart Joules stands as a beacon for others in the healthcare sector to follow suit.


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