Post-COVID Complication: Navigating Avascular Necrosis at Wockhardt Hospitals

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In a world still grappling with COVID-19, Wockhardt Hospitals in Mumbai Central have noted a concerning surge in Avascular Necrosis (AVN) cases among post-COVID patients. AVN, also known as bone death, arises from a lack of blood supply to the femoral head, leading to the collapse and deformation of the hip joint.

Among the affected were Mr. Dhananjay Vasant Wagaskar and Ms. Ragini Yadav, who sought help at Wockhardt Hospitals due to severe hip joint discomfort. Despite differing histories with COVID-19, MRI Imaging diagnosed AVN in both cases, hinting at a potential link between AVN and COVID-19, irrespective of steroid treatment history.

Dr. Mudit Khanna, Senior Consultant, Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon, stressed the importance of early diagnosis. He highlighted that while X-Rays often show no abnormalities in early-stage AVN, MRI scans can accurately diagnose the condition.

The successful treatment of AVN at Wockhardt Hospitals involved Total Hip Replacement Surgery. The surgery effectively alleviated patients’ persistent pain, rapidly restored mobility, and allowed patients to return to their active lifestyles. Dr. Khanna reassured patients about the effectiveness and longevity of these replacements, attributing this to advancements in implant materials and surgical techniques.


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