Roche Diagnostics India Launches #BeYourOwnShero Campaign to Combat Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer is a significant public health concern in India, affecting over 1.23 lakh women and resulting in nearly 77,000 deaths annually. However, it is also a preventable disease, and Roche Diagnostics India aims to raise awareness of this fact through their innovative #BeYourOwnShero campaign, fronted by the inspiring actress Vidya Balan.

This comprehensive campaign incorporates digital and social media, medical expert collaborations, influencer partnerships, and on-the-ground events to educate women about cervical cancer and dispel vaccination and screening myths while advocating for the HPV test. The Cancer Awareness, Prevention, and Early Detection Trust (CAPED) is also part of the initiative to ensure it reaches working women in major metropolitan areas.

The campaign has already made an impact, with four Hero films and a dedicated online resource hub at The WHO aims to eliminate cervical cancer by 2030, utilizing vaccination, screening, and treatment. Women aged 30-65 are encouraged to undergo high-performance HPV DNA testing, with a frequency of every 5-10 years. The #BeYourOwnShero movement encourages women to take control of their health and effect systemic and behavioral changes in healthcare outcomes.


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