Salignostics’ Salistick, the World’s First Saliva-Based Pregnancy Test, Recognized by TIME as One of the Best Inventions of 2023

 Salignostics, an Israeli saliva research and product development start-up, is proud to announce its groundbreaking pregnancy test, Salistick, has been selected as one of TIME magazine’s Best Inventions of 2023. Salistick, the world’s first saliva-based pregnancy test, has transformed the field of pregnancy testing through its ease of use, non-invasive approach, and fast, accurate results.

Unlike traditional methods for pregnancy testing, Salistick allows for a more comfortable and convenient home-based testing experience. Utilizing a saliva sample, easily collected with a specialized “stick,” testing with Salistick can be performed anywhere, anytime, and by anyone, whether it be a loved one or another trusted individual – bringing dignity back to one of the most intimate and personal moments in a person’s life.

With a focus on improving the user experience, Salistick maintains high accuracy for pregnancy detection just after the missed period. To date, the test kit has received approval from the Israeli Ministry of Health and the European Union (CE). Salignostics is also currently working towards FDA approval for marketing the kit in the United States. The testing kits have already been successfully launched in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, and Israel, garnering rave reviews from users.

Saliva contains over 5,000 identified proteins, many significantly overlapping those found in blood. Using this premise, Salistick is built on a revolutionary technology that accurately detects the pregnancy hormone (β-hCG) in saliva. The technology has been developed from decades of scientific research and showcases Salignostics’ unique scientific capabilities in the field of rapid medical detection and testing.

In addition to Salistick, Salignostics has also developed and manufactures a saliva-based testing kit for COVID-19. Further, as the company’s innovations are based on a platform technology that is not biomarker-specific, it is committed to expanding its range of saliva-based tests to include Streptococcus, STD’s, cardiac risk, malaria, and other diseases.

“We are thrilled and honored with TIME’s recognition of Salistick as one of the best inventions in the world for 2023,” said Dr. Guy Krief, Deputy CEO of Salignostics. “From the start, we recognized our kit’s potential to revolutionize accurate pregnancy detection with a straightforward saliva test. As positive global feedback and user experiences poured in, our belief only solidified. TIME’s endorsement underscores the reliability and innovation behind Salignostics’ saliva diagnostic technologies, especially Salistick.”


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