Signia Launches Awareness Campaign to Combat Hearing Stigma on World Hearing Day 2024

Signia's campaign banner featuring a diverse group listening attentively, symbolizing hearing health inclusion and awareness.

Signia is taking a stand this month with a dynamic campaign aimed at breaking down the stigma of hearing loss and promoting the importance of ear and hearing care for everyone. This effort is in line with the theme for this year’s World Hearing Day, “Changing mindsets: Let’s make ear and hearing care a reality for all,” showcasing Signia’s leadership in tackling the underaddressed problem of untreated hearing loss in India.

“Too often, individuals neglect their hearing health due to societal misconceptions and stigma surrounding hearing aids,” Avinash Pawar, CEO and MD of WS Audiology India, declared. The campaign, operating under the banner #HearTheChange, will feature educational activities, social media initiatives, and community outreach to shed light on the critical need for early diagnosis and management of hearing loss.

Signia is pulling together an eclectic mix of partners, from entertainment figures to corporate entities and medical professionals, to spread the word and encourage a change in how hearing loss and the use of hearing aids are perceived. Through this campaign, Signia aims to inspire a societal transformation, making hearing care accessible and stigma-free for all.


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