Signia Marks a New Era with the Inauguration of its 350th BestSound Center in Partnership with HearSens Hearing Clinic in Hyderabadq

Signia BestSound Center Hyderabad Launch

Signia, a distinguished brand within the WS Audiology group and a leader in hearing aid innovation, celebrates a significant milestone with the launch of its 350th BestSound Center in Hyderabad. This milestone underscores Signia’s pivotal role in revolutionizing hearing care in one of India’s bustling and culturally diverse cities. Hyderabad also seen rapid development in sectors like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and retail, making it an economic powerhouse.

Mr. Avinash Pawar, CEO of WS Audiology India, highlighted the significance of this event: “The inauguration of our new center in Hyderabad transcends a mere addition to our network. It embodies our unwavering dedication to improving hearing health, not only globally but within the vibrant context of India. Hyderabad, with its blend of rich heritage and technological prowess, is a fitting location for our 350th center, representing a key step in our mission to deliver life-changing hearing solutions.”

Urban areas like Hyderabad have seen a rise in hearing issues, driven by lifestyle and environmental factors. The opening of Signia’s latest BestSound Center is a strategic response to this escalating need, offering advanced hearing care solutions to those affected by hearing impairment.

This new facility will offer a full spectrum of services, including innovative hearing aid technology, tailored audiological consultations, and continuous support designed to meet the diverse needs of Hyderabad’s community. “Joining forces with Signia on this important endeavor is an honor for us,” expressed S Kaushik Prabhu, Chief Audiologist at HearSens Hearing Clinic. “Together, we share a commitment to enhancing the lives of those with hearing impairments and to making a significant impact on Hyderabad’s healthcare sector.”
The BestSound Center, will provide a comprehensive suite of hearing services. This includes cutting-edge hearing aid technologies, personalized audiological consultations, and ongoing support tailored to the unique lifestyle needs of Hyderabad’s residents. “Aligning with Signia for this significant venture is a proud moment for us,” said S Kaushik Prabhu, Chief Audiologist, HearSens Hearing Clinic. “We are united in our vision to empower individuals with hearing impairments and to contribute significantly to the healthcare landscape of Hyderabad.”

HearSens Hearing Clinic, a brainchild of Quality Hearing Care Hyderabad, stands as a symbol of clinical expertise and patient satisfaction in the hearing healthcare industry. With a mission to provide comprehensive hearing care services with a personal touch, HearSens is committed to ensuring that every hearing-impaired individual can experience the joy of hearing like everyone else. Building on the success of two previous branches, HearSens is ready to bring the same level of expertise, personalized service, and advanced technology to a new community of patients in Hyderabad.
Globally, hearing loss is an understated concern, impacting an astounding 1.6 billion people. Of these, approximately 430 million grapple with grave hearing issues. The World Health Organization anticipates these figures to soar to 2.5 billion by 2050, with a staggering 700 million expected to face debilitating hearing challenges. Alarmingly, despite the means for intervention, a scant 20% of those affected have access to vital hearing aids. This void in care manifests in societal ramifications, escalating to feelings of isolation, mental health challenges, cognitive setbacks, and hindered career opportunities.

Signia stands steadfast in its mission to confront these challenges. By equipping people with all ages with the means to hear, Signia not only addresses a pressing concern but also charts a course against the wider repercussions of hearing loss on a societal and personal front.


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