Tame Your Sweet Tooth with Sweet Victory’s Innovative Botanical Gum and Lose Weight

Sweet Victory Botanical Chewing Gum for Weight Loss

FoodTech start-up Sweet Victory, founded by Gitit Lahav and Shimrit Lev, has developed a unique botanical chewing gum that helps users manage sugar cravings and support weight loss. The gum has already won first prize in the FoodTech track at the fifth Coller Competition for start-ups at Tel Aviv University and secured US$1.5 million in funding from CPT Capital, UK.

In a two-week trial conducted by New Sense Research with 80 participants, Sweet Victory’s gum showed impressive results. A remarkable 87% of participants experienced weight loss, averaging 1.3 kilos per person. Moreover, 80% reported a significant reduction in their consumption of sweets and improved control over their food choices.

The gum’s effectiveness comes from its active ingredient, gymnema (Gymnema sylvestre), a natural botanical used in traditional Indian medicine to block sweetness receptors and slow down the intestinal absorption of sugars. This action dulls sweet flavors and reduces the immediate craving for sugary treats.

The company will be showcasing its innovative product, including peppermint, spearmint, bubble-gum, and watermelon flavored gums, at the Vitafoods Startup Innovation Challenge 2023 in Geneva from May 9-11. Sweet Victory Gum is a finalist in the Most Innovative Finished Nutraceutical Product category.


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