Valabhi Hospital Services Launches in India to Revolutionize Hospital Linen Management

Valabhi Hospital Services, a joint venture between Toyota Tsusho Corporation and Tokai Corp, has been launched in India to provide comprehensive end-to-end linen management services to hospitals. The new venture aims to transform hospital linen management in the country, offering hygienic and reliable services to improve patient care and operational efficiency. Valabhi Hospital Services will operate in Bangalore alongside its partners, Adityavani Facility Services Private Limited and Vashkleen Laundry Services Private Limited.

The laundry management process is a comprehensive one that involves estimating the required stock of linen, identifying and segregating soiled and dirty linen, labelling for identification and traceability, collecting and transporting them in covered trolleys to the laundry, thoroughly disinfecting and sluicing the soiled linen, washing, drying, repairing, calendaring and ironing, and finally delivering, sorting, and storing the clean linen. Valabhi Hospital Services seeks to simplify this process by offering innovative solutions such as RFID tag system, which ensures the easy tracking and identification of linen items.

Mr. Hiroyuki Shinoda, Managing Director, Valabhi Hospital Services, said, “We believe that hospital linen management is a critical aspect of patient care, and our aim is to provide hygienic and reliable linen management services to hospitals across India. Our solutions are designed to enhance patient care, improve operational efficiency, and reduce the capital expenditure of hospitals. We are confident that our services will help safeguard patients and staff from the risk of infections.”


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