Zeal Specialty Pharmacy Credentialed in Record Time

Zeal Specialty Pharmacy Team Revolutionizing Patient Care

Since opening their doors in March of 2023, Zeal Specialty Pharmacy has obtained licensure in all 50 states, Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation from URAC and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC), and a Rare Disease & Orphan Drug Designation from ACHC – a feat never accomplished in such a short period of time.  By achieving this milestones, Zeal Specialty Pharmacy joins a select group of nationwide specialty pharmacies in their ability to care for patients anytime, anywhere.

Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Zeal leverages cutting-edge technologies to optimize the patient experience – integrating messaging, smart devices, and predictive data into the day-to-day experience.  By customizing each specific conversation to the needs of the patient at their point in their specialty journey, we can both build relationships with our patients, and capture meaningful, actionable information along the way.

“We know what specialty should be, and what is hasn’t been for a long time,” stated Jonathan Ogurchak, CEO and Co-Founder of Zeal Specialty Pharmacy. “When patients are able to have a higher degree of control over their latest online purchase, and not a life-saving medication, that’s a huge problem.  Fortunately, that’s a problem that Zeal was built to fix.”

Zeal’s unique approach, based on decades of healthcare experience, along with a high degree of specialty pharmacy expertise, leverages innovation to augment the experience of our partners.  Leveraging the OnQueue patient management platform, our teams are able to create highly customized patient experiences that constantly improve based on what we learn about the medications we dispense, the conditions we manage, and, most importantly, our patient experiences with their disease state.  Our ability to tailor questions asked, methods of follow-up, and means of communication ensure that each patient obtains the best possible outcomes from their care, while providing valuable information to prescribers and partners about medication utilization overall (including real-time data feeds and reporting, validated clinical questionnaires, and integrated smart device utilization).

“When you open a company with goals in mind, then proceed to quickly outpace every one of them, it’s an exciting place to be,” exclaimed Brenden Harper, CFO and Co-Founder of Zeal Specialty Pharmacy. “The first 250 days of our business have been incredibly promising, and we’re only just beginning.”

Zeal enters 2024 with a growth mentality: targeting patient populations in need of an improved experience with their specialty medication journey. With our first limited-distribution drug already being dispensed, the opportunities to expand into other areas of need are endless, and our ability to rapidly customize experiences for our partners, particularly with pharmaceutical manufacturers and third-party payors, ensures that medications are being used properly, outcomes are being measured appropriately, and the patient experience is superior overall.


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