Aster Medcity, Kochi attains milestone with first-ever Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation Surgery in Kerala.

Neuro-Urological Surgery in Kerala

Aster Medcity, a unit of Aster DM healthcare, has made medical history by successfully performing an unprecedented surgery in Kerala. This groundbreaking procedure involved the collaboration of the neurosurgery and urology departments, offering a new ray of hope for patients suffering from overactive bladder syndrome.

Overactive bladder, a condition affecting millions worldwide, impacts individuals’ daily lives due to frequent urges to urinate. Though it’s commonly treatable with medication, some severe cases, like Hariharan’s, resist standard treatments. In such scenarios, innovative surgical interventions like Sacral Neuromodulation Surgery come into play.

This advanced surgery, also conducted in countries like the United Kingdom, involves implanting the InterStim device, akin to a pacemaker. It’s used to modulate the sacral nerves that control bladder and bowel functions. This successful procedure represents a significant step forward in healthcare, thanks to the dedicated team at Aster Medcity.


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