Microalgae Innovator Introduces Nutritionally Dense Plant-based Chicken Nuggets

Spirulina-based chicken analog

In the ever-evolving landscape of plant-based alternatives, a fresh innovator is making waves. AlgaeCore Technologies Ltd.’s SimpliiGood, a food-tech company specializing in spirulina, recently revealed a breaded chicken cutlet analog that is primarily composed of spirulina, a nutrition-rich microalgae.

The unique plant-based alternative mimics the appearance, taste, and texture of a traditional chicken breast. Moreover, it boasts a nutritional profile that could rival, and potentially surpass, that of real chicken. This groundbreaking development could potentially overcome a significant obstacle in the alternative protein industry, where maintaining nutrition while providing a pleasing taste and texture is a constant challenge.

The new spirulina-based chicken analog is 80% pure, fresh, and minimally processed spirulina. This is enhanced with prebiotic fibers, offering health-conscious consumers a clean-label alternative to chicken nuggets. SimpliiGood’s creation is not just a nutritional marvel but also marks a leap in how we utilize the concentrated nutrition of microalgae. This innovation is also a step towards satisfying the umami cravings of consumers and enhancing the pleasure of consuming plant-based alternatives.

The story of SimpliiGood began with a simple focus: the cultivation of fresh spirulina. However, they soon realized the potential of spirulina, an eco-friendly, high-value alternative protein source, and began to think outside the box. “We started out as cultivators of fresh spirulina,” said Lior Shalev, CEO, and co-founder of SimpliiGood. “But then we began to think of ways we can take the formulation of this highly sought ingredient beyond the boundary of the capsule matrix and into the mainstream of the plant-based food landscape.”

Spirulina, known for its abundance of whole protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, has been considered a powerhouse of plant-based goodness. However, SimpliiGood’s fresh spirulina stands out in the crowd due to its unique processing. Unlike most market offerings, which are dried and powdered, SimpliiGood’s spirulina is 100% pure, raw, and flash-frozen, ensuring higher nutrient bioavailability.

Looking to the future, SimpliiGood’s technology for mimicking whole-muscle animal protein using spirulina as the main component opens the door to a cleaner, more environmentally friendly approach to plant-based meat alternatives. The company is also planning to roll out its chicken breast analog commercially following the successful introduction of its vegan 95% spirulina-based smoked salmon replica last year


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