Paving the way for digital healthcare in India: MyDigiRecords achieves certification of successful integration with ABDM from the NHA

Digital health platform MyDigiRecords and Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission integration

MyDigiRecords, a leading digital health platform worldwide, has made significant strides in the digital healthcare sector in India. The platform recently announced that it has successfully integrated with Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM), as confirmed by official certification from the National Health Authority (NHA). This integration empowers individuals to effectively manage their health data, including medication and immunizations, which aligns with MyDigiRecords’ mission to drive the digital transformation of healthcare in India.

MyDigiRecords’ innovation is setting new precedents in the healthcare sector. It offers a digital platform where Indians can have comprehensive control over their health data. This step marks a monumental shift towards patient-centric healthcare, where health records can be managed in a secure, digitised manner. As part of this effort, MyDigiRecords supports the government’s goal of achieving complete digitisation of health records, improving healthcare access and quality for India’s 1.4 billion population.

Interoperability, the ability to exchange information across different healthcare providers seamlessly, is another key benefit of MyDigiRecords’ integration with ABDM. It is a giant leap towards the digitalisation of India’s healthcare sector and makes healthcare services more streamlined and patient-friendly.

Breaking away from the traditional closing statement, Dr. Saroj Gupta, Founder and CEO of MyDigiRecords, expressed, “The moment is here. The certification of successful integration with ABDM signals a turning point for MyDigiRecords and the digital healthcare landscape of India. We’re not just empowering individuals with their health data; we’re pioneering a new era in Indian healthcare. The emphasis on stringent security protocols and robust privacy measures demonstrates our commitment to data security and protecting patient information at all times.”


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