The Future is Here: Unfold AI’s Precision Mapping Revolutionizes Prostate Cancer Treatment

Avenda Health’s Unfold AI Logo with 3D cancer visualization background

In an exciting development for prostate cancer care, Avenda Health’s Unfold AI technology, powered by machine learning, has shown remarkable accuracy in identifying the extent of prostate cancer, as revealed in a study led by Stanford University School of Medicine’s Department of Urology.

Prostate cancer has been a major challenge in urology, primarily due to the limitations of MRI technology in identifying the full extent of tumors. Unfold AI, with its capability to create 3D visualizations of cancer, equips physicians with precise information necessary for customized treatment plans.

The study encompassed 50 prostate cancer patients and demonstrated that the machine learning-driven approach employed by Unfold AI was highly effective in defining cancer margins. Significantly, the study showed an 80% rate of complete clinically significant prostate cancer encapsulation, as compared to 56% for full-gland removal.

Shyam Natarajan, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Avenda Health, emphasized that this development is an outcome of nearly a decade of research. He looks forward to advancing prostate cancer care which has seen limited development over the past four decades.

Unfold AI can potentially transform the current standard of care by enabling precise treatments that focus on preserving patients’ quality of life and minimizing post-treatment complications.

Avenda Health is committed to enhancing outcomes, preserving quality of life, and establishing a new benchmark in cancer care with Unfold AI, which received FDA clearance in 2022.

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