A Team of Surgical Maestros: The Doctors Behind Narayana Health’s Groundbreaking Robotic Surgery

Surgeons at Narayana Health performing a robotic-assisted ampullectomy using the da Vinci system.

A groundbreaking robotic-assisted surgery was recently performed at Narayana Health, Bengaluru, marking a monumental advancement in the field of surgical gastroenterology in India. Behind this success is a team of consummate professionals whose expertise and dedication made this medical breakthrough possible.

The patient, a 60-year-old woman, was diagnosed with a complicated periampullary tumor in the pancreas. It was Dr. Ashwinikumar Kudari, a renowned Robotic Surgeon and Surgical Gastroenterologist, who led the surgical procedure. With his rich experience and keen insight, Dr. Kudari decided to perform a robotic-assisted ampullectomy instead of the more invasive Whipple procedure.

But Dr. Kudari did not work alone. He was joined by Dr. Jayant Mulchandani and Dr. Mohammed Shies Sadat, both experts in their respective fields. Together, this team worked harmoniously, employing their skills to the fullest.

Speaking about the procedure, Dr. Kudari emphasized the significance of this achievement, “Performing country’s first-ever robotic-assisted ampullectomy is a remarkable achievement in the field of surgical gastroenterology in India. This procedure not only offers a minimally invasive approach but also highlights the potential of robotic surgery technology in transforming the way we treat periampullary tumors.”

Dr. Jayant Mulchandani spoke passionately about the technological advances and how it opens up incredible possibilities for surgical interventions. He highlighted how the da Vinci Robotic System, which was employed in this procedure, allows for enhanced visualization and robotic assistance for precise movements.

Dr. Mohammed Shies Sadat elaborated on the technical aspects, praising the sophisticated instruments and high-definition 3D camera of the robotic platform that provides a magnified view of the surgical field.

It was the synergy of this adept team and their unwavering dedication that turned this intricate surgical procedure into a resounding success. Their ability to adapt, make critical decisions, and employ innovative technology has not only saved a life but also paved the way for future surgical innovations.

As Narayana Health continues to spearhead medical advancements, it’s the individuals like Dr. Kudari, Dr. Mulchandani, and Dr. Sadat whose contributions shape the future of healthcare.

This procedure stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and expertise in achieving exceptional patient outcomes and advancing the field of medicine.


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